MARTÍNEZ LACUESTA A hundred-year-old winery that is still run by the original family

Martínez Lacuesta and Haro. Who we are and where we are. Since 1895, our family, our winery and our wines have travelled together on the same journey. A life’s work that has been marked by our commitment to a place and a tradition that has driven us over this whole period to bring us to the point where we are now. Today we remain the same, still in the same place. We are participants in, protagonists of and ambassadors for the true story of a land that is and will always be closely tied to wine. The true story of Rioja wine.

HARO The birthplace of Rioja

The birthplace and heart of Rioja. The place where wine has always felt protected, cared for and supported. The place in which Rioja as we know it today was born, where it took its first steps, spoke its first words. Haro is where Rioja came into being.

From here, it set off on its journey that has taken it around the world. It is the very centre of tradition, the elaboration, the commercialisation and export of the finest Rioja wines. Great wines that will always be associated with the great names that were born and will continue here.


One’s birthplace is where

one feels cared for,

loved and protected

Our brands

The story of Martínez Lacuesta is the story of our brands. They are where the market places its trust, granting them their well-deserved recognition that has always been founded in their origins. Time has gone by, a long time, yet Campeador still represents the heartbeat of the highest quality, classic and eternal wines. Martínez Lacuesta is the telling of this history, the way it has been brought up-to-date, adapting it to the latest trends. Lacuesta is freshness, a sense of freedom, and our Vermut Lacuesta, so often at the forefront of vermouths, represents that reassuringly familiar taste of the best of times.