Origin Haro Martínez Lacuesta´s Wines

Bodegas Martínez Lacuesta represents the essence of all that it and its Haro vineyards mean to Rioja wines. Haro is at the very heart of the Rioja region, the place where we the story of its wines began to be written. With its vineyards stretching a radius of barely 20 kilometres from the city, with a wine-making culture that is sensitive to the environment and respectful in terms of traditional knowledge, nature can express all that it has experienced over the past hundred years through our wines.

They also transmit this age-old philosophy which nevertheless is one that is in constant evolution. In its production we maintain both the techniques we have inherited from our forebears and the new processes that are more in tune with current tastes. These are therefore wines that embrace you with their subtle yet lively grace that never lose their balance. Although young, these are nonetheless wines that transmit their wisdom, robust yet delicate, full of character but still amiable.


The eternal charm of subtlety. These are wines that embrace you, conquering you from the first contact. Wines with the power to seduce. It is no surprise to learn that Haro was the home of a méthode champenoise wine, although it soon became clear that the warmth of its origins would be better suited to more full-bodied yet nonetheless delicate wines. Love at first sight.

Martínez Lacuesta

The history of our family, of Haro, of the Rioja region can be told by those wines that were there at the outset. The true history of Rioja wines. A series of wines that form the backbone of Bodegas Martínez Lacuesta.
Everything stems from Haro. Everything is part of there.