Our Vermouth By 1937

By 1937, the drinking of vermouth had become commonplace throughout Spain. This was a tradition that came from Italy, although it had been seen as an elegant, modern drink that was very European and only for the upper classes.

Martínez Lacuesta’s habitual inquisitiveness and pioneering spirit brought us the first well-known vermouth from the Rioja region. With such attitudes prevailing, it wasn’t long before the drink became much more popular, quickly winning over consumers in general and especially women. Almost immediately, the idea of “the vermouth hour” was born.

As it is a drink that is both simple and complex, it soon became necessary to distance it from others by creating its own special formula, which here has always been referred to as the conzia(“extract”), although this term is hardly ever used elsewhere.

However Martínez Lacuesta sought to go further. From the start it has always selected a part of its finest wines to produce a vermouth that is to the gratitude of all those who drink it.

Evolution Until the present day

If any product, any drink, is at the mercy of the caprices of evolution, it has to be vermouth. Vermut Lacuesta has always adapted to these new consumer trends which are always associated with enjoyment and relaxation.

Once again, Martínez Lacuesta was at the forefront of a revolution. In 2005, it launched its first Vermut Reserva, which had been cask-aged for seven months. Vermouth was thus dignified, with the popular belief that it was always made from the worst wines finally put to bed. Above all, the drink was given added value, with its fine colour, unique toasted notes and great aromatic complexity. These were all aspects that until then had been unknown in the world of vermouth.

With the passing of time, Martínez Lacuesta also began to age vermouth in acacia barrels, as well as producing a special Limited Edition that had been aged for 14 months in oak casks. The vermouth revolution was upon us led by Martínez Lacuesta.

Craft mode Preparation

The artisanal vermouth that Martínez Lacuesta produces is a drink that is based on white wine. Based on white wine in which a selection aromatic herbs and plants are macerated until it takes on the characteristic flavour that so lends itself to drinking as an aperitif or as a key ingredient in the preparation of cocktails. In our family. this formula is known as conzia although curiously we are not sure of the origin of this term, which we have scarcely heard beyond our walls.

There are two things that make Vermut Lacuesta unique: its conzia, our special blend of aromatic herbs and plants taken from a wide range of sauces, and its ageing process that uses French oak casks. Together, they make our vermouth truly exceptional, setting it apart from others.

Our vermouth

Our range of vermouths represent a journey from the most traditional origins to the revolution that cask ageing has caused. Always starting with the finest wines and perfecting the formula, Martínez Lacuesta’s vermouths are a demonstration of refinement and elegance, destined to accomplish its key mission: to provide pleasant moments in the company of others.