Martinez Lacuesta Vineyard Our Vines

In a radius of no more than 20 kilometres around Haro, owned by traditional Rioja families and forever connected to the land and its identity, the vineyards from which Martínez Lacuesta produces our wines are the patrimony of all. The patrimony of a culture, a landscape, of Haro, of Rioja. Of our origins.

The place

Tempranillo, Garnacha, Mazuelo, Viura… our grape vines represent the deepest tradition of Haro’s wine-making tradition, in which nature has been generous in its provision of a land that is ideal for our wines. The vineyards enjoy a mild climate with excellent sunshine and moderate rainfall. All of this makes our region the perfect spot for the growth and ripening of our grapes. In our hands, these bounties are turned into our wines.


The essence of our wines comes from the depths of the Riojan soil, from our vineyards It is the starting point for the making of great wines. Our vineyards are located in Haro and its surroundings, on the right bank of the Ebro river. This is an area that is barely protected by the Toloño and Cantabria mountain ranges, where the cold north winds frequently blow. To a great extent, they typify the slow growing cycle and freshness of our wines, a view also held by those with an intimate knowledge of the qualities of oak wood. The land and the soil have given us a veritable gift in the form of our vineyards. This is what we share with you.


We have produced wines that span three centuries. For this reason we respect tradition and all that nature can offer us. Those traditional techniques that we have witnessed bestow great value on our wines are maintained in both our vineyards and in the winery during production. This is all guided by natural processes which require that we limit our impact on the environment, ensuring sustainability in harmony with the natural world.