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A long time has passed since wineries were private spaces that only opened for special occasions. As a building designed for meeting and enjoyment, as a place in which to share an experience, Bodegas Martínez Lacuesta offers you a large number of different spaces in which to create a made-to-measure event that reflects your tastes and meets your needs. We are open to your every suggestion, happy to resolve any doubts you may have and offer you all the help that we can.


Team building

Everyone knows that a united team is success. This was the opinion of Henry Ford, whose ability to manage work teams is without doubt. For this, we offer the ideal equipment for your team building. We take you into the world of wine and its history, guide you through a tasting session, help you to produce your first wine and then submit it to rest of the team for judging. Reflection, analysis and creativity.

Tasting Room

The casks room is the heart of a winery. Whether you are an amateur, an expert or a layman, the possibility of tasting several wines with their explication provides enormous pleasure. Our gorgeous Tasting Room, with its minimalist decor, allows your event and our wines to be seen at their very best. It features a fully-equipped kitchen and television screen connected to a computer. Capacity: 20 people.

Cask Room

Large Dining Room

It is not the world of wine and gastronomy go together, we cannot understand one without the other. Few things unite more than a table with delicious dishes and special wines. If you are considering a celebration in the very finest style, at a marvellous winery with a modern air, in a unique setting and with spectacular views, our Large Dining Room, with a capacity for 65 seated people is your best option.

The Cask Room Observatory

The casks room is the heart of a winery. The time doesn't stop there, it is a place of abundant activity and great beauty. This is why we want to offer you an area where you can see the whole casks room. One of the most special places in the winery thanks to its spectacular views over the cask room. Celebrate your event as if you were flying over 125 years of history. Capacity: 60 people, standing.


Small Dining Room

We want to offer you one of our most hidden corners so that you can feel this is your own home. A multi-use space that is equally suited to holding a work reunion or a professional meeting, offering direct access to the dining area. It is also ideal for more intimate celebrations. Capacity: 25 people, seated.

The Cask Room

Walking through the doors of our Cask Room is to enter a whole new world, a parallel universe in which modernity and tradition go hand in hand, in a very real sense. A place where the most wonderful things in our winery happen. With a capacity for 400 people, this is the perfect space for large-scale events that are designed to be unforgettable. If that's what you're looking for, this is your place.

Casks room in Bodegas Martínez Lacuesta

The Terraces

We love the terrace. Obvious. They have something that captivate us and always invite us to live and share wonderful moments. Weather permitting, our terraces are certain to be the ideal setting for any event. Silence, perfect harmony, magnificent views and plenty of space for your every need. An excellent option to be borne in mind.

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