Harvest visit

MARTÍNEZ LACUESTA Live and share wonderful moments.

Share with us one of the most special moments for any winery.

Harvest visit

Harvest time is the most special moment for a winery. That is undeniable. Be under no illusion, these are nervous days for us. However, there is immense satisfaction in seeing a whole year’s work begin to bear fruit. If you want to experience one of these days first hand, we offer you the chance to visit our vineyard and the inside of the winery at a time when activity is a its maximum. We will offer you a grape tasting – yes, grapes! – as well as three wines to top off an experience that you will fondly remember for a long time to come.

Duration: Approximately two hours.
Price: €20 per adult.
General language: Spanish.
Other languages depending on demand and availability: English, Basque, German and French.

If the hours available to visit our wineries do not suit your needs, or if you are a large group, please contact us.