Martínez Lacuesta visit

MARTÍNEZ LACUESTA Live and share wonderful moments.

Tour of the winery interior with guided tasting of three wines. Visit to the vineyard, weather permitting.

Martínez Lacuesta visit

We cannot think of any finer way to get to know the historical tradition of the Rioja region than by coming to visit us. Of course, you will get to see our premises and our production methods, but above all we want you to discover our history going back more than hundred years, the passion felt by six generations of a family dedicated to wine making which can be experienced in our vineyards (which you will also visit, weather permitting) and how that is passed on to our wines. An emotional through the legacy of the Martínez Lacuesta family.

Duration: Approximately an hour and a half.
Price: €18 per adult.
Days: Tuesday to Saturday.

Visit language: Spanish.
Other languages: Contact with the Enotourism Department in or +34 941 310 050.

If the hours available to visit our wineries do not suit your needs, or if you are a large group, please contact us.