Vermouth visit

MARTÍNEZ LACUESTA Live and share wonderful moments.

Come and share some great moments.

Vermouth visit

Bodegas Martínez Lacuesta has been a pioneer in the production and sale of Vermut Riojano since 1937. Nonetheless, our constant desire to improve has led us to create new vermouths that have further contributed to ensure that it remains one of the best possible drinks with which to share some great moments. We currently have six different types of vermouth on the market, three of which are cask aged. Would you like to visit us and try them for yourself? Come and share some great moments

Duration: Approximately an hour and a half.
Price: €25 per adult.
General language: Spanish.
Other languages depending on demand and availability: English, Basque, German and French.

If the hours available to visit our wineries do not suit your needs, or if you are a large group, please contact us.