Martínez Lacuesta at Spanish Wine Lover

Spanish Wine Lover, the essential digital media for wine lovers, dedicates a prominent space to Bodegas Martínez Lacuesta in its Wineries section.

24 Jan 2024 |

In an extensive article, the digital media reviews many of the most important historical events of Bodegas Martínez Lacuesta, which celebrates its 130th anniversary next year.

It was founded in 1895 in Haro, when it was originally a gourmet shop selling wine, soft drinks, seltzer water and vinegars, together with third-party products. As a winemaker, she highlights the wines that were her first successes, such as the Clarete Selecto with short ageing, followed by the Claretes Finos and the “Superior” Burgundy and Sauternes.

As could not be otherwise, the publication also devotes space to the figure of Félix Martínez Lacuesta, the founder’s eldest son, who played a key role in the expansion and diversification of the business, registering the brand in 1909. In addition to being a distinguished winemaker, Félix was a prominent figure in his time, working as a lawyer, journalist and politician, and contributed significantly to the development of the wine industry in Rioja.

Spanish Wine Lover It also echoes a detail that sometimes goes unnoticed, which is the fact that the bodega has remained in the hands of the Martínez Lacuesta family throughout its existence and currently has 60 descendants as shareholders, several of them actively working in the company.

The digital media distinguishes Martínez Lacuesta for its special focus on grapes from the right bank of the Ebro and the use of American oak in its crianzas, and ends by recalling the recent reorganisation of the wine range, recovering old labels and redirecting the production of wines such as Martínez Lacuesta Cuvée or Hinia Reserva, for example. In addition, it also devotes a few lines to the expansion of its white wine offer and its intention to offer limited old vintages.

You can read the full article at Spanish Wine Lover.